Our mission for TUI was to find a way to talk about cruises that creates   space for cruises in their product range and that differentiates them from competitors. The aim is to increase sales in the short term on the basis of a clear communication concept, which in the long run makes TUI’s cruises a clear alternative for travellers.


With our concept ”Unpack once and discover a million memories” we highlight the unique advantages a vacation on a cruise ship. It offers the possibility to only unpack your bag one time while at the same time get to experience several destinations and return with the memories of a lifetime.




The idea is to launch this with the campaign ”Unpack once and discover your Blue mind” which is based on the scientific theory that humans are intrinsically connected with the ocean. The blue mind – a mild meditative state characterized by clear thinking, calm as well as a sense of happiness and satisfaction with life in the moment. The blue mind can help you create more long lasting memories.


The campaign will test the brain waves of current cruisers and measure their meditative status in the brain. This will be taken out in online films, staring Katarina Gospic and Mia Skäringer. “The blue mind” campaign will also be taken out in physical installations. These installations will give an VR-experience of being by the ocean. The number of alpha waves will increase and the person will experience “The blue mind”.